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Keith Haring Tenga Egg - Dance

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Keith Haring Tenga Egg is probably the only masturbation sleeve shaped like an egg and this Dance version features a figure inside that looks a man dancing. There are also other ticklers inside the egg that will get you blasting off in conjunction with the dancing figure. It is a clear and stretchy stroke sleeve made from TPR/TPE so you can see all the action going on in there as it stretches to work the entire length of your cock.

A little story about Keith Haring:

Keith Haring was a daring artist. Born in the United States, and mostly active in the 1980's. Keith was in the midst of an AIDS pandemic that was spreading in the gay commnunity. His art conveys social activism in the forms of birth, death, sexuality and war. Through art, Keith was able to help break down the stereotypes and boundaries that same-sex couples faced, as well as to portary sexuality and gay sex as something that is perfectly normal (much of his street art focused on this as early as the 1970's!). Keith will be remembered as a great artist, and most of all as someone who inspired gay activism. He devoted his life to the gay movement so that we can all one day be where we are now. Check out some of his art below.

Color White
Product Code TG-KHE002EA
Manufacturer Tenga