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Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Ft. Fleshlight

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The future of VR sex is here with the Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator. This high tech masturbator allows you to experience the joys of an intimate encounter even at a distance as you feel the penetrating sensations on your johnson. Paired with another device of the same type, these two are a perfect VR sex combo. By itself, it functions like your usual automated stroker but the power of technology allows it to jump leaps and bounds ahead of them.

The sleeve inside is a delight as it is made by none other than Fleshlight.



Subtly, sophisticated and sleek. The design aspect of the Kiiroo Onyx is leaps and bounds ahead of any powered masturbator in its class. The matte black exterior is complimented by a stylish red ring that runs around this high quality adult toy. A black solid cap encloses the contents so that it stays safe and discreet to prying eyes.  


    • easy to use multifunctional button controlling power and modes
    • touch to control intensity 
    • plug it into your computer for hassle-free updates pushed automatically to the device



It's all about the deep pleasure core. Slide deep inside the canal and you will meet the pleasure core. A patented masturbation technology that uses rings controlled by touch technology to mimic deep penetration. Inside the pleasure core are two air shafts that work magic while the Kiiroo gets you off. These two air shafts release air so that the masturbator contracts to create natural suction. 

Sit back and let the Kiiroo stroke you without moving a finger. Turn it on, place it over your shaft and let the Kiiroo do the magic of one man. 


  • The only male masturbator to feature Flashlight Sleeve technology.
  • Re-usable, removable and completely washable
  • True to life experience
  • Soft & smooth design