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Lifestyles Assorted Condom - 40 count - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Lifestyles Assorted Condom - 40 count

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When you are a really busy one in the sack, it may be best to have plenty of Lifestyles Assorted condoms and this display of 40 is a good idea. These Lifestyles Assorted condoms will provide you some protection while making it pleasing for you and your partner. Pick a particular one like the LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive condom, the LifeStyles Pleasure Ribbed and the LifeStyles Ultra Lube Plus or perhaps just grab any from the tub and surprise yourself and your lover - it’s all good. The variety will also keep it interesting as you slip into a different one when one is used up.

Flavour No
Box of No
Material Latex
Length No
Product Code 7627-50
Manufacturer LifeStyles