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Locked In

Locked In Lust The Vice Mini V2

Locked In Lust The Vice Mini V2

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No escape from fun!

The idea behind the Vice Mini V2 is great: a chastity cage that is light and compact. The kind of cage you can wear all day without putting any strain on your genitals- and it’s so compact that no one can tell you’re wearing it.

Although it’s “mini”, that doesn’t refer to penis size. You’ll find that the cage can accommodate different sizes quite comfortably. The padlock is also small and practical and comes with two keys- just in case. It has a new and improved draining system that makes it super easy to urinate without making a mess.

You will be given clear instructions on how to put it together. It’s relatively easy and once you’ve done it a couple times you won’t be needing the instructions anymore. Besides, you get a beautiful velvet carrying case!

  • Cage dimensions 1.5 inches, width 1.4 inches.
  • Rings’ sizes: Small 1.57 inches, Medium 1.73 inches, Large 1.83 inches, X-Large 1.90 inches.
  • Made from lightweight, comfortable plastic.

An lightweight, compact chastity cage that begs for you to take it with you everywhere you go.

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