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Locking Urethral Brace

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The Master Series Asylum Locking Urethral Brace will keep him disciplined and under your command. For 100% compliance and absolute control, dealing discipline with this urethral brace will be deliciously fun. The sound tool is hollow to let pee and cum through if the need arises, this makes it possible to wear it for longer durations. The Asylum Locking Urethral Brace is made from high quality stainless steel that is 100% safe for the body and it can be easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and rinsed with water.

As an extra precaution, you may wish to boil the unit in order to sterilize it for safer play. It is easy to use, put his dick through the rings while inserting the sound tool, hook in his balls through the large ring and lock him in his place. Submit him to your will by locking up his junk, use the Asylum Locking Urethral Brace.

Special Features No Feature
Size One Size
Material Metal
Item Length No
Product Code XRAD151
Manufacturer XR Brands