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Spot Jockstrap – Adam's Toy Box
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Spot Jockstrap

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The Malebasics Spot New Jockstrap keeps your package cool while giving you support where you need it. The base of support is the extra wide waistband that comes in red and it is contrasted by white lettering that spells out the Malebasics brand name. Two similarly wide red straps go down from the wide waistband and carry the load of those cheeks. These attach to the bottom of the front pouch and complete the support structure. The front pouch is anchored to the waistband via thinner red straps on either side and the pouch itself is made from mesh fabric and this gives it excellent breathability and makes it cool and comfy. The 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex blend not only makes it comfortable but your package is also provided its needed support for the activity that is in store. It is a clear choice for any athletic or sporty activity but you can even wear it for everyday purposes.