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Man Sizer 3X Stretch Silicone Extender

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Only real men will understand the importance of having this item on hand – we present the Man Sizer 3X Stretch Silicone Extender.

  • Made of hypoallergenic silicone. Latex and Phthalate free.
  • Adds length and girth to your penis.
  • Waterproof and fully submersible so it can be taken anywhere; the bathtub, shower, or hot tub.

Real men know exactly what it takes in order to satisfy their partner. If you have been wanting to upgrade your sex game, now is the time and this is the product. This is for the person who could use a little more length and girth.

The Extender features a thinner bottom layer for an increase in sensation and a stretch ball strap for a no slip secure fit. With such a secure fit you can now focus on the motion of feeling good and pleasuring your partner. Slip in and drive it hard as the Extender gives you the size and confidence for complete sexual satisfaction. Get ready to slip in to a true extension that will please all who delight in your new, extended cock. 

When you buy the Man Sizer 3X Stretch Silicone Extender you will receive: 

- One, black penis extender with attached cockring measuring 5” long x 2” diameter

Depending on your size you may want to add a little water based lube to the inside of the shaft to slide into it easily. Depending on your partner’s ass, he may want some to. Don’t be stingy with the lube now.