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Master Series

Master Series Armor Chastity Cage & Removable Urethral Insert

Master Series Armor Chastity Cage & Removable Urethral Insert

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Heavy and armored, a cage for complete submission. Keep your partner under lock and key

The cold steel of this cage will constantly remind your slave he's not allowed to touch. Heavy, with an all-metal construction, this cage will not open without a key, no matter the struggle. A snug 4 inches and optional urethral insert ensures no erection will go unpunished.

A provided padlock means you can have your man secured as soon as it comes out of the box. Two differently-sized rings lets you tweak the tightness to create just the right pressure. An optional urethral insert can be screwed in place for a full lockdown. The tube is hollow allowing for urination and longer-term wear.

While the cage is heavy, it still has a sleek shape that means you can wear it all day, every day. Easily to clean, even dish-washer safe, minimizing down-time. This toy has the durability to last a lifetime. All the features makes it so your slave will not be getting comfortable any time soon.

  • Armored chastity cage, lackable (included)
  • Allmetal (stainless steel) and heavy construction
  • Two ringsize options and hollow urethral insert
  • Length: 4 inches, 1.5 inch diameter. 1.75 and 2 inch rings. 2.25 inch insertable urethral insert, 0.25 inch diameter

The Master Series Armor Chastity Cage is the ultimate tool to lock down your partner or plaything. The thick, cold stainless steel will immediately quell any arousal. A padlock ensures only you will have access and the different ball rings let you dial in the pressure.

No plastic, no complicated parts or puzzles. Simple, strong, durable and impossible to crack. Complete submission is garunteed with this cake.

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Red V.
Not ready.

Like the cage but not the sound. One day but no sound for me at this time.