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Master Series Equine Bit Gag w/Nipple Clamps

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Get your plaything ready for a ride by getting him or her to wear the Master Series Equine Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps. For the dominating and discriminating master, not just about any device will do for their slave. The classy and functional equine bit gag with nipple clamps is a great choice and since it is from the Master Series line you can be sure that it is a great tool set.

The silicone bit gag with two metal O-rings slips in the mouth and gets secured by an adjustable  silicone belt style strap with a rolling buckle. Optionally, you can then attach the two connector chains and clip on the alligator style nipple clamps that are adjustable.

You can do this for one of two things, as a treat or as punishment. Steel, vinyl, silicone, synthetic leather and metal were used to make this device.Have fun with it alone too.

  • Measurements: Clamp adjustable between 16"-24".
Special Features No
Size One Size
Color Black
Material Silicone
Product Code XRAD700
Manufacturer XR Brands