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Master Series Expansion Trainer Anal Dilator

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Train your tushy.

The Master Series Expansion Trainer Anal Dilator is a set you can use as a beginner to train you bunghole to take on bigger and better things. That said, seasoned practitioners are also going to have fun playing with these training tools.

These ABS plastic dilators are firm and smooth so insertion is easy. They have a pointed tip at the head and a flared base. ABS plastic is also a suitable material for use with all types of lubes.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Black

  • Measurements:

    From smallest to largest:

    • 3.4 inches in length 1 inch in diameter
    • 3.75 inches in length 1.2 inches in diameter
    • 4.15 inches in length 1.5 inches in diameter
    • 4.5 inches in length 1.7 inches in diameter
    • 5 inches in length 1.9 inches in diameter

    Work on your rear. Get the set today.