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Master Series Stretch Master Ass Grommet - Set of 2

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Spread Wide Open.

Show Daddy your hole with the Master Series Stretch Master Ass Grommet Set. Two sizes give you options for gaping your hole. Whether you’re curious or you’re looking for unique penetrative play, these ass grommets are definitely going to excite you.

Amazing for partner play added a whole new world of sensations to having your hole pounded and stretched. With two sizes to choose from you can be sure you’ll take your man’s cock and give you a unique stretch. Feel this toy stretching your entrance as his cock penetrates you freely or use the small one and grip his shaft snugly as he’s pounding your gaping fuck-hole.

The premium silicone is designed for a comfortable experience as you start training your hole. If it's for you man, then you are in for an ass fucking you’ll never forget. His hole will be open and begging for your cock to enter and pleasure him with unique sensations as his hole is stretched.

  • Large Grommet
    • Insertable Flare: 2.8 in. ( 7.11 cm )
    • Outer Diameter: 2.35 in. ( 5.97 cm )
    • Inner Diameter: 1.76 in. ( 4.47 cm )
    • Length: 1.6 in. ( 4.06 cm )
  • Small Grommet
    • Inserted Flare Diameter: 2.4 in. ( 6.10 cm )
    • Outer Diameter: 1.95 in. ( 4.95 cm )
    • Inner Diameter: 1.38 in. ( 3.50 cm )
    • Length: 1.6 in. ( 4.06 cm )
  • Premium Silicone
  • Bullets

Stretch your hole for him with these ass grommets.