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Master Series

Master Series Tower Erection Enhancer Anal Tower

Master Series Tower Erection Enhancer Anal Tower

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Enjoy being subdued by this plug's strong grip. Challenge yourself to last longer.

This toy looks simple at first glance, but it will pressure you in ways you couldn't have imagined. Your cock and balls will be firmly grasped while you slide onto the tower. Once fully in place, even the slightest movement will leaving you throbbing.

The front harness has seperate holes te keep your package in place. The tower is covered in thick rings that stretch you as you sink down. Every twitch of your cock will pull this toy deeper inside you. Grinding the plug into you will tug and tease your acheing junk.

Made of a stiff but flexible rubber, this toy has just enough give to keep you comfortable. Lots of lube helps everything slide and slip perfectly, the TPR material cleans up with some soap and water.

  • Challenging plug with attached cock and ball rings
  • Solid TPR construction, restricted movement
  • 3 inch insertable tower with deep ribs

The Tower is an exciting combination of a cock ring and butt plug. Attaching the two means you can't move a muscle without tugging inside and out. The tension on your junk always forces the plug deeper.

Enjoy it alone or as an elaborate cock ring for surprising your partner. This erection enhancer keeps you rock hard and stimulated the entire time you use it. Slip in and see how long you last.

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I gave up.

It was frustrating trying to get it on and make it work like it was supposed to. I gave up.