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Master Series

Master Series Ultimate Thruster Thrusting Anal Plug

Master Series Ultimate Thruster Thrusting Anal Plug

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Something surprising and different. Make a solo trip feel like your favorite man

The Ultimate Thruster is an intense experience, more like a fucking than toy fun. Getting on this toy will be memorable due to the thick head, deep ribs and wide shaft. Not only does it vibrate intensely, the tip thrusts deeper for intense pleasure.

The silicone construction helps this plug slide in easy. The vibration and thrusting settings let you choose the intensity you desire. The long wire to the control pad means a friend can easily join in. This vibe is fun with or without batteries, the full experience will blow your mind.

The suction cup makes solo fun easy, the lighted control pad means the dark is no obstacle. You or your partner will throb with this exciting dong, the deep thrusting will leave you coming back for more.

  • Thrusting and vibration, pushes 0.5 inches deeper when activated
  • Strong suctioncup base
  • Highquality silicone, phthalatefree, nonporous
  • Length: 6.5 inches (extends to 7.25 inches), 2.25 inche diameter

This plug is different. Deep thrusting and intense vibration makes the Ultimate Thruster the perfect toy for solo play. When you really want a fuck, this plug fills you up and pushes you to your limit every time.

With the suction base holding it in place, 6+ inches will stretch you even before you turn in on. The vibration will leave you leaking while the tip thrusts more than 7 inches. Your favorite man will have to compete for your attention with this plug.

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