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Max Load Erection Tablets

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Show off that you are a virile hunk and shower your lover with massive loads of spunk. If you sputter or splatter semen in very little quantities, Max Load can help you increase the jizz output of your cannon to glorious gobs of man goo. Max load also increases the contractions you have when you cum and that is a boost of pleasure for you too. It is a two-fold effect where you produce more splooge and at the same time you ejaculate to a more forceful and intense fashion.

Your gun gets bigger and plentiful ammo and it becomes more powerful at shooting it too. A 2-capsule packet should get you off to a good start and with regular use you should be a cum blasting super stud in no time. MD Science Lab makes sure you get only the best from their products and they put their reputation behind this great Max Load capsule.

Drench your partner with your load or just relish the amount of ejaculate you can shoot out with your dong. Buckets (not really) of wonderful and stringy white sap from your wood. It is all possible with Max Load, a potent sexual enhancing product that makes your orgasms more intense with ball draining contractions. You will also be able to shoot that gun for longer periods which extends your climax and the pleasures you get. Many porns stars use tablets to enhance the amount of cum they spray on their co-stars.

For some it has become a trademark move and if you like showering your partner or just enjoy the large amount of sperm goo that shoots out of your cannon then take a few of these babies, lock and load and start spraying. Get your 60 tablet bottle today, Show your partner just how much you are into them and start shootin’.Comes in a 2-pack blister and a bottle of 60 tablets.

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