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Perfect Fit Armour Split Cock & Ball Ring – Adam's Toy Box
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Perfect Fit Armour Split Cock & Ball Ring

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The Perfect Fit Armour Split is a black silicone and TPR blend harness for your cock and balls. The hole on top is for your weiner and there are two holes at the bottom for your jewels - one for each tescticle. When you wear the Armour Split ball splitter you get a bigger bulge, harder erection and a prolonged orgasm - it is cool looking too. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because the Armour Split is part of the prestigious Perfect Fit Armour Gear. You can don the Armour Split on your next rendezvous with your lover and perform better than ever before.

Material Silicone Blend
Style No
Color Black
Size 1.75"
Special Features No Feature
Product Code PF-CR-32B
Manufacturer Perfect Fit