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Perfect Fit Armour Tug Sport Size

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Sport that enhanced pecker with the Perfect Fit Armour Tug Sport Size - Clear. It is an improved design from the best-selling Cock Armour. It is slimmer and thinner while delivering the needed bulge. Just like an exotic sports car that has the fat trimmed off it and tweaked to perform better than the mass market variety car, the Armour Tug Sport Size from Perfect Fit is the Ferrari of cock enhancement novelties.

The PFBlend is a blend of Silicone and TPR that was chosen for its comfort and durability, features that a fine sports car also has. Your junk will look better when it is worn and it will also allow you to perform better with a partner. The Armour Tug Sport is 1.5” and it is safe with water-based lubricants. It washes easily with soap and water. Get your gear out there and make it stand out.

Material Silicone
Style No
Size 1.50"
Special Features No
Product Code PF-CA
Manufacturer Perfect Fit