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Perfect Fit The Bumper Base & Donut

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Looking For A Little Extra Cushion For The Pushin'?

This unique sex toy is just thing the for guys who like to plow hard but have partners who aren't exactly into that or complain about pain from over-penetration. It adds a little extra bump to your hump to provide the sensation of full penetration and put a little cushion between you and your partner. Now you can thrust with wild abandon without having to worry about roughing up your partner.

The Bumper System is composed of two parts, the Donut Buffer and The Bumper Thrust Buffer. They can be used separately or combined to fully customize the level of penetration.

The whole unit is completely adjustable, fits around your penis, and is held in place by the testicles. The Bumper System is made of outrageously soft Sila-skin that feels great, is completely body safe, and cleans up in a snap. Just a little sex toy cleaner of your choosing or soap, a bit of warm water, and a little time to dry is all it takes.

  • Sila-skin
  • Provides Cushioned Intimacy
  • Reduces Penetration
  • Adjustable
  • 2-Piece System

If your swinging more wood than your partner can handle or you just like to swing for the fences, this is the perfect thing to help your partner weather the storm!

 Works well with the Perfect Fit The Bumper Base & Donut