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Pipedream Toy Cleaner – Adam's Toy Box
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Pipedream Toy Cleaner

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When you just love playing with your sex toys, by yourself, with a partner or with some friends, getting them safe to use means cleaning your precious sex toys. The alternative is just ugly and the worst that could happen is death. Germs are not fun at all and they have no place when you engage in your sexual adventures. It is bad enough to get yourself sick with a dirty toy but it is worse when your lover or sex mates get sick from sharing your cum inducing sex toys.

Personal hygiene and hygienic use of sex toys should be practiced, you can follow traditional methods of cleansing, use the methods as prescribed by the manufacturer or you can just use Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner. It is an anti-bacterial toy cleanser that gently cleans and disinfects to have your toys ready for action in a jiff. Pipedream Toy Cleaner is a product of the USA.

Size 4 oz
Product Code PD9753-00
Manufacturer Pipedream