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Pjur Man Premium Extreme Glide - 100ml - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Pjur Man Premium Extreme Glide - 100ml

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For a high-level performance during sex, you need a high end lubricant product like Pjur Man Premium Extreme Glide. It is not called extreme glide for nothing. It is a silicone based bodyglide that is especially formulated and designed for gay men. Silicone formulations are known to last a long time when it comes to lubrication and it is also tasteless and odourless. All characteristics that make it an extreme product. As a lube that is tasteless and odorless it is also preferred by solo users but couples and groups love that too. You might have tried sex without the use of lubrication before or perhaps used some of the naturally occurring bodily fluids but you are in for a grand time with Pjur Man Premium Extreme Glide. An extraordinary product for the extraordinary lover that does not compromise on quality. The 100 ml. bottle will last you a long time.

Size 100 ml
Flavour No
Special Features No Feature
Product Code 6763-44
Manufacturer Pjur