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Premium ExtenZone 5000 - 1 capsule blister

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Are you and your partner ready for the sex session of your lives? Pop one of our Premium ExtenZone 5000 capsules and get ready for a wild night.

  • Increases duration of erection.
  • Increases overall size of erection.
  • Increases stamina and sex drive.

Sex life starting to get a little stale? You and your partner falling into a bit of a rut? Try popping one of these about an hour or so before sex and you’ll turn a run of the mill evening into a sex session that the two of you will be fantasizing about for years to come. These pills increase the blood flow to your penis for longer, harder, and bigger erections. Even better, they’ll increase your stamina. Instead of wearing yourself out after fifteen minutes you’ll be ready to go all night. A word of warning though; once you experience what sex is like after these pills you’re going to want to make sure you have them on hand all of the time. Sex definitely won’t be the same without them.

When you buy our Premium ExtenZone 5000 – 1 capsule blister you will receive:

- One Premium ExtenZone 5000 capsules
- One crazy night of sex

For an even larger, longer lasting, erection pair one of these pills with one of our cock rings for a night no one will forget.