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Premium Stainless Steel Cockring

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Get a bit of boost and support with the Premium Stainless Steel Cockring that is available in multiple designs. Cocks that stand at attention look so much better than the floppy and droopy kind. You can have this by projecting that wang and those jewels out there where they can be admired. When in the act of making love you are also benefiting from your junk noosed in a cock ring, you get harder and last longer from the pressure exerted.

This ring may seem ordinary but it functions very well. It does distinguish itself from others with its design and it does so with refinement and subtlety. Because it is stainless steel and chrome, it is going to last long and does not require too much maintenance and is easy to clean. It has a 1.875" diameter to keep it all snug and it comes in a velvety red storage pouch.

If you are into tribal designs this chromed cockring might be just the one you want. Cock rings come in all shapes, sizes, materials etc. and many of them are the stainless steel variety which are chrome plated to make them really shiny. These are known to be safe for the skin and that is one of the reasons why so many of them are made. This cock ring is made from premium stainless steel that features a tribal design.

To be different and stylish, the tribal design caters to those who are into ink and would like to have their cock ring feature some ink a s well. Make your manhood cool with ink while having it enhanced for looks and performance by putting on the Premium Stainless Steel Cockring in chrome and a a tribal design. The diameter is 1.75" and it comes with a red storage pouch. Get tribal with this modern metal cockring.