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Rascal Toys The Baller 3X Stretch Silicone Cockring

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Gentlemen, it’s now time to increase your sex sessions for longer periods of time with the Baller 3X Stretch Silicone Cockring. 

  • Made of hypoallergenic silicone. Latex and Phthalate free.
  • Adds length, girth, and longevity to your erections.
  • Waterproof and fully submersible so it can be taken anywhere; the bathtub, shower, or hot tub.

You want to approach sexual enhancement carefully and naturally. With this cockring your erections will be bigger, and you’ll be lasting longer before blowing your wad. It is a win win for all parties involved. Focus more on your tactics without having to stress that you’re going to cum too quick. This cockring will solve all of your premature ejaculation issues. This design is made of 100% silicone and has a no roll strong design keep it in place. No worries on this cockring rolling down and getting in the way of your sexual rhythm. Choose one of the three ways that this cockring can be worn: around the shaft, around the balls, or around both he shaft and balls. Find out what works best for you and get to fukin’.

When you buy the Baller 3X Stretch Silicone Cockring you will receive: 

- One, black cockring measuring 1.75" (44.5mm) inner diameter x 3" (77mm) outer diameter

Now that you’re showing your guy who the real man in this relationship is, why not knock it up a notch and make him wear one of our ball gags while you’re pounding away with your newly bigger and harder cock. He won’t mind, and if he does, you’ll never hear him complaining.