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Skivvies Man Power Pocket Pouch Trunk - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Skivvies Man Power Pocket Pouch Trunk

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This blue Man Power Pocket Pouch Trunk is available in a number of sizes and should be a good fit for male waistlines. This classic looking pair of underwear is fitted with a pouch so you can slip in your johnson and keep him front and center and show off his stature. The elastic at the opening is designed to keep him there in all its glory. The leg openings are also meant to hug tightly but comfortably so they do not ride up. The design looks like a classic but that is where today’s technology improves on this design. With the use of modern fibers the fit is a better one, comfort and support is there where it is needed and it is far durable. The smart combination of two fibers, 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex, are what makes this sexy Skivvies item so wonderful to use.

7" long side measurement.
8" high front and back rise.
2" deep inseam.
1-1/4" wide waistband.
1/2" wide leg hem.

Care: Hand wash cold. Line dry.