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Sport Fucker Fusion Boost Ring

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The Best of Both

Sport Fucker has released yet another amazing cock ring with the Fusion Boost Ring. Combining the soft texture of silicone with an internal metal ring for extra tension. The padded base lifts your junk away from your body for that extra bulk to your bulge. 

Experience harder and fuller erections with your manhood standing at attention. Veiny and rock-hard, you cock will be ready for action. You’ll notice the difference right away and you’ll be hooked on cock rings for life. Cock rings help some men prolong climax with cock rings because they help reduce the intensity of sexual stimulation while boosting overall arousal.

Ready to give you man the fuck of his life? This cock ring is firm in every way it needs to be, but squishy and comfortable to wear for longer periods. Whether you’re looking to bulk up your bulge or last longer in the bedroom, wearing this cock ring is going to draw attention to your man-meat.

  • Silicone
  • Embedded Metal Ring Design
  • Padded Base for Lift

You know you want a fuller, harder, veiny cock, so add this cock ring to your cart!