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Tastees Condoms - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Tastees Condoms

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Playful and delicious, Tastees Condoms are flavored condoms manufactured by OMG International, Inc. They are a hot item for the male oral sex aficionado. These tasty condoms come in chocolate, banana, grape, vanilla, mint and strawberry flavors. The lubricant and the condom itself is safe for your body and has been tested by the FDA, making it safe for you and your partner. They come in an assorted box of 12, just in case you tire of one flavor there are others to choose from. Sucking on a hard dick wrapped in rubber is no fun until now, suck on that cock with gusto like your favorite popsicle or lollipop. Savor the fruity or sweet flavors as you work that pole from the head, the shaft and to the base all wrapped in yummy rubbery goodness. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases with something that tastes great too - be merry and safe with Tastees condoms. Flavors include: Banana, Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla

Flavour Assorted Flavours
Box of 12
Material Latex
Length No
Product Code 7854-12
Manufacturer Tastees