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Tenga Flip Hole + free lube!

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Koichi Matsumoto’s Tenga Co., Ltd. is the maker of various Tenga products of pleasure for the male consumer. They are a company with a mission and that is to promote masturbation as a natural and mainstream sexual act free from ill-informed and narrow-minded societal definitions. The original Tenga Flip Hole that comes in a white color was a great product and on that basis the new black Tenga Flip Hole has been fashioned to be a better incarnation. While the old version of the Flip Hole is great, the redesign features an all new internal structure and a few other tweaks developed for the additional stimulation of your cock. Feel the intensified sensations from the Waving Ball, Brushing Edge, End Orb, Orb Shelter, Core Orb, Cross Wall and Moving Ball. Jerking off that dick has never been so over the top with the new and improved Flip Hole from Tenga.

Extra tip: Be sure to check out the pictures. Each colours features a different texture.
The Black Flip Hole features a firmer interior texture for more intense experience,
The White Flip Hole features a ribbed interior with different bells & whistles to enhance feeling,
The Silver Flip Hole features an crest weaved interior with large weaves and tights corners,
The Red Flip Hole features a firm stroke as well as a rippling zone that stroke you in all directions

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Manufacturer Tenga