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Wide Chrome Band - Gay Men's Sex Toys - Adam's Toy Box

Wide Chrome Band

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If you are looking for better comfort in a cock ring, you can get it with the Si Novelties 1.75" Wide Chrome Band. Keep it on for longer periods with the added comfort of the wider ring around your package. This shiny cock ring will also serve as some bling to your manhood while doing its function of keeping your hardon stiffer and prolonging your orgasm.

The pressure applied to the base of your dick makes it all happen and with its 1.75” inner diameter, the cock ring should fit most prick sizes with no difficulty at all. Enjoy sex better as you gain more confidence in your sexual abilities with the enhanced performance from your  Si Novelties 1.75" Wide Chrome Band. If rubber is not your thing and metal feels more appealing for your skin, a wide chrome band like this cock ring might be just right for you.

INNER DIAMETER: 1.75in/44mm
WIDTH: 0.625in/15.875mm.

Material Metal
Style N/A
Color White
Size 1.75"
Special Features No Feature
Product Code SN95025
Manufacturer No