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Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner

Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner

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Target specific formulation.

The Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner is a toy cleaner made with a specific antibacterial formulation for toys that go where the sun don’t shine. It is powerful stuff against bacteria but it is also strong in getting rid of shit - literally not figuratively. It is alcohol-free and paraben-free but it also contains extra anionic surfactants to completely remove all traces of fecal matter.

The product is skin-safe but do not let it get into your eyes because it can irritate your eyes. Have your fun, wash your toys with mild soap and water and to be sure they are clean, give them a spritz and rub them down with the product.

  • Anal toy specific antibacterial formulation
  • Alcohol-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Extra anionic surfactants
  • 100 ml

Fecal-free approach. Buy some today.

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