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Blush Anal Adventures Platinum Silicone 10 Anal Beads

Blush Anal Adventures Platinum Silicone 10 Anal Beads

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Beginner's Bliss: Dive into Pleasure with These Silky Smooth Beads! 🌟🍑

Get ready to excite and stimulate with these beginner-friendly Ultrasilk™ Silicone anal beads. Perfectly designed to warm with your body heat, these silky smooth beads provide a gentle introduction to anal play. Each bead increases in size, adding new sensations as they're moved in and out. 🌈

Product Features:

  • 12.5 Inch Length – Total length with 10.25 inches of insertable pleasure. 📏
  • Beginner-Friendly Width – 0.75 inches wide, ideal for those new to anal play. 🌟
  • 10 Beads of Increasing Size – Progressive sizes for added excitement. 🎯
  • Looped Handle – Ensures easy retrieval and hassle-free cleaning. 🔄
  • Smooth Satin Finish – Made from satin-smooth, body-safe silicone. 🌡️
  • Body-Safe – Free from fragrances, phthalates, paraffins, and latex. 🌿


  • Total Length: 12.5 inches 📏
  • Insertable Length: 10.25 inches 📏
  • Width: 0.75 inches 📏

Experience the Beginner's Bliss 🌠

Imagine the thrill of exploring new sensations with these silky smooth beads. Designed for beginners, the Ultrasilk™ Silicone warms with your body heat, enhancing every touch and movement. Each of the 10 beads progressively increases in size, providing a gentle yet exciting introduction to anal play. 🌡️✨

The looped handle makes retrieval easy and ensures you can fully enjoy the experience without worry. Crafted from body-safe silicone, these beads are soft, pliable, and free from harmful chemicals, making them perfect for your first steps into anal exploration. 🌿💫

The smooth satin finish feels luxurious against your skin, and the easy-to-clean design ensures your beads are always ready for the next adventure. Simply wash with warm water and soap for quick and hygienic cleanup. 🧼💧

So why wait? Embark on your journey to beginner's bliss with these silky smooth beads and discover the joy of new sensations. It's not just a toy; it's your key to unlocking gentle, pleasurable exploration. 🌟🚀

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