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Body Action Anal Relaxer

Body Action Anal Relaxer

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The Natural Way To Relax For Super-Sized Fun

Body Action Anal Relaxer is a specially formulated silicone lube that contains natural jojoba and amyris oils to help you relax your anal muscles to ease the initial discomfort of insertion or to receive a larger than usual package. Because this lube is a relaxant and not an anesthetic, you won't have to worry about you or your partner losing any of that sexy sensation.

In addition to its muscle relaxing action, this lube also offers the unparalleled glide of a high-quality silicone lubricant. This dual-action power ensures that you will experience a smooth, sensuous ride, free of discomfort.

  • Silicone-Based
  • Natural Relaxant
  • Non-Numbing Formula
  • Contains Jojoba And Amyris Oils

This lube is just the thing you need if you're the type of guy who likes to ride large, or simply needs a little help getting over the initial discomfort of anal play.

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William K.

I am not entirely sure about it being a relaxer. It is certainly not a desensitizer. It does work as a lube.

The J.
Lost it.

It was our first time trying anal penetration with my cock. My wife was concerned about the unfamiliar sensations of a real cock entering her backside. It had been fingers and toys but this is the real thing. She was numbed a bit too much and she lost the usual excitement she had. A little less next time and none at all in the future.

Danny T.
Just lube.

It is lube. I would not call it a relaxer.