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Clean Stream Detox Deluxe Shower Enema Kit

Clean Stream Detox Deluxe Shower Enema Kit

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Cleanse with Comfort and Ease! πŸ’¦βœ¨

Cleanse your derriere the easy way with the Deluxe Shower Enema Kit! Feel fresher than ever and enjoy the full, delightful pressure of a thorough cleanse. This comprehensive kit has everything you need to get started, making your preparation routine simple and efficient. 🌟

Product Features:

  • Complete kit – Includes everything you need: a 1.85L enema bag, 5-foot tubing with flow valve, three flexible tips, one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one stainless steel hook, one plastic hook, one flow clamp, one stopper, and one stopper with tubing adapter. 🧳
  • Adjustable flow control – Easily manage water flow with the control valve for a comfortable experience. πŸ”„
  • Variety of tips – Explore different sensations with flexible, tapered, and nozzle tips. πŸ”„
  • Versatile use – Perfect for coffee enemas, salt-water enemas, or warm water cleanses. 🌑️
  • Nickel-free metal – Safe for sensitive skin. 🌟
  • Silicone lube compatible – For smooth and easy insertion. πŸ‘
  • Easy to clean – Wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. 🧼


  • Bag: 14 inches in length x 7.5 inches wide, holds up to 1.85L of liquid πŸ“
  • Tubing: 77 inches overall including flow valve tubing (60 inches without flow valve tubing) πŸ“
  • Flexible tips: 3.5 inches insertable, 0.5 inches widest diameter πŸ“
  • Tapered tip: 2.4 inches insertable, 0.5 inches widest diameter πŸ“
  • Nozzle tip: 5.1 inches insertable, 0.5 inches widest diameter πŸ“


  • Bag: Rubber
  • Tubing: PVC & PP plastic
  • Tips: PVC & PE plastic
  • Stoppers: ABS plastic
  • Metal hook: Stainless steel & PVC (sleeve)
  • Plastic hook: ABS plastic
  • Flow clamp: POM plastic


  • Blue and white – A clean, fresh look. 🌈

Storytime: The Deluxe Cleansing Chronicles 🌠

Imagine this: You’re preparing for a special evening and want to feel completely fresh and confident. You reach for your Deluxe Shower Enema Kit, knowing it has everything you need for a thorough cleanse. 🌟

You fill the 1.85L enema bag with warm water, coffee, or salt water, depending on your preference. The variety of tips lets you explore different sensations, and you choose the one that feels just right for you. The adjustable flow control valve allows you to take it slow and easy, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. πŸŒ‘οΈπŸ’«

As the enema bag hangs above you, you feel the refreshing pressure build, cleansing you from the inside out. The nickel-free metal and high-quality plastic materials ensure that your skin stays safe and irritation-free. Once you're done, the cleaning process is simple – just wash everything with warm water and soap, then let it air dry. πŸ§ΌπŸ’§

Whether you're new to enemas or a seasoned pro, the Deluxe Shower Enema Kit makes the process easy, comfortable, and efficient. So why wait? Cleanse with confidence and enjoy the fresh, invigorating feeling that only a thorough cleanse can provide. πŸŒˆπŸš€

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