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CleanStream Deluxe Metal Shower System

CleanStream Deluxe Metal Shower System

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Ultimate Clean with the CleanStream Shower Enema System! 🚿✨

Hey hygiene aficionados! Ready to commit to the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience? Meet the CleanStream Shower Enema System – your top-of-the-line solution for a thorough and satisfying clean. Perfect for those who want a system that's always ready when they are, this enema kit integrates directly into your shower, offering unparalleled freedom and ease.

Key Features:

  • Shower Mounted System: Always ready for action with a simple knob to switch between shower and enema modes.
  • Two Nozzle Attachments: Includes a slim 3.5-inch nozzle for quick cleaning and a thicker 5-inch nozzle for a more fulfilling experience.
  • Six-Foot Metal Wrapped Hose: Provides flexibility and ease of movement for the perfect clean.
  • Modern Design: Sleek metal construction blends seamlessly into any modern bathroom.
  • Self-Cleaning: Virtually maintains itself, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

How to Use the CleanStream Shower Enema System

Getting Started:

  1. Install Your System:

    • Attach the six-foot metal wrapped hose to your showerhead. Ensure the connection is secure and leak-free.
  2. Choose Your Nozzle:

    • Select the appropriate nozzle for your needs. The slim 3.5-inch nozzle is perfect for quick and easy cleaning, while the thicker 5-inch nozzle offers a more thorough and satisfying cleanse.
  3. Attach the Nozzle:

    • Secure the chosen nozzle to the end of the hose.

Preparing for Use:

  1. Adjust Water Pressure:

    • Use the attached knob to switch between regular shower mode and enema mode. Start with a low water pressure to ensure a gentle and comfortable flow.
  2. Lubricate the Nozzle:

    • Apply a generous amount of water-based or silicone-based lubricant to the nozzle for smooth and comfortable insertion.

Using the Enema System:

  1. Insert the Nozzle:

    • Gently insert the nozzle into the desired area. Take your time and relax to ensure comfort.
  2. Begin Cleaning:

    • Gradually open the valve to allow water to flow through the nozzle. Adjust the pressure as needed for a gradual and comfortable enema experience.
  3. Switch as Needed:

    • Use the knob to switch back to the showerhead if needed, and adjust the water temperature and pressure to your liking.


  1. Clean the System:

    • After use, remove the nozzle and rinse it thoroughly with warm, soapy water or a sex toy cleaner. Rinse the hose as well to ensure it remains clean and hygienic.
  2. Dry and Store:

    • Allow all parts to air dry completely before storing. Keep the nozzles and hose in a clean, dry place, ready for the next use.

Tips for the Best Experience:

  • Start Slow: Gradually increase water pressure to find the most comfortable setting for you.
  • Stay Lubed: Use plenty of lubricant to enhance comfort and ease of insertion.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep the system clean and well-maintained for optimal performance.

Ready for Anything 🌟

Imagine this: You've just installed your CleanStream Shower Enema System. The sleek metal design fits perfectly into your modern bathroom, promising a professional clean every time. With a turn of the knob, you switch from a relaxing shower to a thorough enema session.

The six-foot hose gives you the freedom to move comfortably, and the two nozzles offer the flexibility to choose between a quick clean and a more indulgent experience. You start with the slim nozzle, appreciating how easily it glides in with the help of a bit of lube.

As the water flows gently, you feel a deep sense of cleanliness and satisfaction. Switching to the thicker nozzle, you enjoy a more fulfilling cleanse, knowing you're as fresh as can be. The easy transition between shower and enema modes makes the process seamless and convenient.

After your session, cleaning the system is a breeze. You detach the nozzle, rinse it thoroughly, and let it air dry. Ready for the next use, your CleanStream Shower Enema System stands by, always ready to deliver the ultimate clean.

Elevate Your Hygiene Routine 🌠

Why settle for less when you can have the best? The CleanStream Shower Enema System offers the ultimate in cleanliness, convenience, and style. Perfect for solo use or with a partner, this integrated system ensures you're always ready for any adventure. Get your CleanStream Shower Enema System today and experience the pinnacle of personal hygiene! 🚿✨

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