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CleanStream Disposable Applicator

CleanStream Disposable Applicator

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Simple, fast and disposable. From start to finish in only a few minutes

Cleanstream has you covered when it comes to simple and easy-to-use enemas. No set-up, no complicated cleaning, no hoses or bags. Nothing to hold you back from quickly diving into some good, clean fun. You can have the applicator filled and cleaning underway in less than a minute.

Perfect for only occasional use, or for those who hate cleaning their equipment. This disposable bulb has all the comfort and utility of the more expensive, multi-use kits. Once out of the packaging, this discrete bulb can be hidden away for when you need it. Refillable, with a secure seal, makes the 150ml capacity more than enough for your needs.

  • Disposable plastic construction
  • Holds 150ml of liquid
  • No cleanup necessary
  • Small and discrete

Cleanstream provides an answer for the boys who don't need a permanant cleaning solution. Maybe you only need a douche every so often, or maybe you just hate cleaning up. This disposable bulb doesn't stick around for breakfast in the morning.

A simple enema tool that's as comfortable as the reusable ones. Having one on hand will mean you're always ready for clean fun.

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