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Colt Rechargeable Anal-T - Large

Colt Rechargeable Anal-T - Large

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Unleash the Bootylicious Beast with our Colt® Rechargeable Large Anal-T! 🍑💥

Ready for a fabulous, booty-shaking adventure? Our Colt® Rechargeable Large Anal-T is here to turn your pleasure game upside down! This sassy little wonder is not your average toy—it's the Beyoncé of anal probes, darling! 💃🌈

 Magical Multi-Tasker: With 10 tantalizing vibration functions, this fabulous probe is more versatile than your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Flex it, bend it, and feel the power!

 Tailor-Made for Your Tush: Customize your pleasure with a simple flick through the functions. Honey, it's like having your own personal butt-butler!

 Curves in All the Right Places: Gyrating stimulator? Check. Sensually curved base? Double-check. Your booty and your beau will be soaring to new heights of ecstasy!

 Slim, Flexible, and Oh-So-Posh: With multi-directional positioning, this delectable delight is ready to tango with your every tantalizing twist and turn.

 Waterproof Wonder: Whether you're splish-splashing with your favorite pool boy or going solo in the shower, enjoy up to 110 minutes of non-stop, waterproof action. No need for a lifejacket, babe!

 Quick and Easy Recharge: Get back to the fun in just 1.5 hours with the provided USB cable. It's like having your own personal disco in your pants!

 Smarty-Pants Memory Chip: This brilliant beast remembers your last-used function, so you don't have to. Talk about a toy that knows you better than your last Grindr date! 😉

Tired of mediocre playtime? The Colt® Rechargeable Large Anal-T is here to save the day (and night) with its powerful vibrations, customizable pleasure settings, and waterproof capabilities. Indulge in some booty-ful fun, and let this sassy, smart toy rock your world! We promise, your peach will never be the same again. 🍑✨💖

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