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Doc's Anal Lube - 4.5 oz

Doc's Anal Lube - 4.5 oz

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When you need a little help easing in your lover’s cock or a sex toy up your ass, a thick anal lube should do the trick.

For the beginners or for a special situation facing off with a monstrous dick, sliding in any delicious phallic pleasure probe should be a cinch with Doc's Anal Lube. Doc's Anal Lube is a Petroleum-based lubricant that is exceptional when used for some hot bareback action. This is the Natural version but it is also available in hot cinnamon - a warming sensation for your derriere. It comes in an easy to dispense 4.5 oz pump container.

Squeeze out the right amount with a single press of the dispenser or get some really slippery action with more. Get ready for a long time of slick anal sex with Doc's long lasting Anal Lube which also contains an antibacterial numbing agent to provide a more comfortable banging of your bum.

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