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Durex XXL

Durex XXL

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Durex knows that there are guys out there that have had less than a satisfactory experience when using common condoms.

Their plight is especially disappointing when having used condoms made for the average size. Durex listens and Durex delivers, with the Durex XXL, big boys like you will never have to feel diminished by the use of undersized condoms.

Your long schlongs will never have to be wrapped with short rubbers. The XXL will certainly provide more comfort for your dick and the lubrication will just heighten the whole sexual experience to a new level. The XXL is the longest condom in the world at 9 1/2 inches. It features a reservoir tip and a shaped bulbous head.

It is 2 inches wide at the base, shaft and head. The lubricant is water based and as with all Durex condoms, it performs a contraceptive function and prevent STD’s and HIV infection.

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