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Easy Toys Beginners 6 Piece Beginners

Easy Toys Beginners 6 Piece Beginners

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This 6-piece bondage starter's kit has everything you need to get a head start. It comes with four cuff restraints, a blindfold to keep them squirming with anticipation and a feather tickler because you can't have a game of slap and tickle without the tickle.

The restraints feature removable binds that can be tied to bedposts, chairs, or to each other and are compatible with most other bondage gear, making this kit an excellent first addition to what is likely to become an impressive collection of bondage gear.

  • Full Kit
  • Blindfold
  • 4 Cuffs w/ Binds
  • Feather Tickler

If you've always had an interest in bondage but were unsure where to start, this kit is just the thing for you!
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