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Fantasy C-Ringz Posable Partner Double Penetrator

Fantasy C-Ringz Posable Partner Double Penetrator

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Double the pleasure and double the fun with the incredible Posable Partner Double Penetrator!

Now you both can enjoy the thrill of double penetration without having to worry about introducing a third partner into the mix!

Made from body-safe, phthalate-free Elite Silicone, this posable penetrator features a bendable silicone stimulator that stays in place in any position you put it.

The stretchy silicone cock ring puts a clamp on performance letdowns by delivering a tight squeeze to his shaft, while the beaded posable exciter provides extra stimulation during double penetration. The built-in vertebrae allow you to pose it in any position, targeting your partner's most sensitive spots with every thrust.

The vibrating ring keeps him longer and stronger than ever before while you both enjoy mind-blowing vibrations where you want them most! Try it in the shower or hot tub and turn bath time into pleasure time.

  • Body safe silicone
  • Cock ring with built-in vibrations
  • Built-in vertebrae allows for adjustment of dildo
  • Use in the shower or hot tub
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