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Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Head Teazer - Black

Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Head Teazer - Black

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It literally sucks. 

Just like the real thing, only better is the slogan for this toy. Does it deliver? It really, really does. It gives a blowjob experience like no other and because you have total control over it, it’s an even better experience. 

Overall, the experience is fantastic. The design is a little dubious at first glance— there aren’t very many toys like this one, so it feels a little unfamiliar; weird. There’s a transparent silicone “cap”, which is what goes on the tip, then there's something like a computer mouse, which is actually a remote controller. 

The idea is that you can have the controller on your hand as you use the toy and can turn the vibration up without even having your eyes open. There’s even a face mask included to make your experience better! 

  • 7 vibration modes
  • Vibrating suction
  • Dimensions: 4.5 × 4.5 × 2.25 in

A toy that sucks like no other, giving you the ultimate blowjob. No awkward eye contact involved. 

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