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Hot Octopuss Pulse Dragon Eye 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Hot Octopuss Pulse Dragon Eye 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Ride the Dragon: The Ultimate Party in Your Pants! 🐉🎉

Hey there, handsome! Get ready to meet the PULSE Dragon Eye Limited Edition, the jewel in the crown of our bestsellers since 2013 - the PULSE Solo Essential (HO16). This isn't just any toy; it's the king of good times, designed to rock your world with hands-free magic. 🌟

Key Highlights:

  • Material: Luxe Silicone and ABS - because only the best will do!
  • Fancy Tech: 9 Speed Oscillator and 5 vibe modes with a custom rhythm. Get ready to dance to your own beat! 🕺
  • Motor: 3.6V of Precision Microdrives - small but mighty, just like you.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 420mAh - because who has time for batteries?
  • Quiet as a Whisper: < 55dB, so your secrets are safe.
  • Play Time: 1 hour of pure bliss.
  • Quick Charge: Just 3 hours - faster than getting ready for a night out!
  • Waterproof: Dive in, the water's fine! 💦

Let's talk real talk: the PULSE Dragon Eye is the world’s first Guybrator™, a revolution in pleasure. With its oscillation (not your grandma's vibration), it's like a personal DJ for your most sensitive spot. Whether you're flying solo or spicing things up, PULSE has got your back... or front. 😉

Imagine this: a lazy Sunday, or maybe a wild Wednesday (we don't judge), and all you want is a little 'me time'. Forget the hassle, the PULSE is here to whisk you away to ecstasy island, no stroking required. Just lie back, think of England (or wherever floats your boat), and let the PULSE do the work. Need more? Slather on some lube and crank it up - PULSE is ready to rock your world, whether you're flying at full mast or just chilling. 🚀

To sum it up, the PULSE Dragon Eye Limited Edition isn't just a toy; it's a whole experience. It's your backstage pass to the greatest solo concert ever, and guess what? You're the star. So, why wait? Grab yours and let the good times roll! 🎢💖

Remember: Life's a party, and with PULSE, you're always VIP! 🌈✨

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