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Hunky Junk Revhammer Shaft Vibe Ring - Clear Ice With Blue Vibe

Hunky Junk Revhammer Shaft Vibe Ring - Clear Ice With Blue Vibe

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Get Ready to Hammer Your Way to Pleasure with REVHAMMER Shaft-Strapped Shaker!

Hey, boys - are you ready to take your pleasure to the next level? Look no further than REVHAMMER Shaft-Strapped Shaker, the cockring plus shaft-ring that puts the vibe shaftwise, lengthwise up on top. With a rubbery front nub that aims at any hole you wanna fuck, every thrust sends the buzz-vibe up against the gape-lips or even the BJ's pucker - talk about good stuff!

  • Cockring plus shaft-ring for ultimate pleasure
  • Rubber front nub that aims at any hole you want to fuck
  • Waterproof vibe unit for endless playtime
  • Rubber cockring and front ring secure the reverb-vibe for lots of hard play
  • Battery life of 5-7 hours for maximum buzzfucking vibing

Every thrust moves the hummy-buzz deeper, closer to its target, so you'll feel the pleasure getting more intense with every move. And with the waterproof, silicone sealed buzz-vibe, you can hammer away without worrying about getting it wet.

To use, just add a bit of light lube on your junk, slide your junk through the front bigger ring, and your shaft through the smaller ring. Click the vibe on and hammer away, baby! 

With a battery life of 5-7 hours, you can enjoy endless buzzfucking vibing. So what are you waiting for, boys? Get ready to hammer your way to pleasure with REVHAMMER Shaft-Strapped Shaker - trust us, you won't regret it!

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