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Jes Extender Original Standard Penis Enlarger Kit

Jes Extender Original Standard Penis Enlarger Kit

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For all of the guys who feel like they may be a little short changed in the dick department let us introduce to you our Jes Extender Original Standard Penis Enlarger Kit.

  • Easy to use and comes with detailed instructions.
  • Does not require medical experience.
  • Works on men of any age and designed for any shaped penis up to 9” long.
  • Guaranteed and proven penis enlargement. 

Unfortunately the old adage “size doesn’t matter” just isn’t true. Increased size means increased pleasure for your partner. If you’re feeling below than average and can’t afford ,or are terrified of, extending your penis size medically this is the device for you. The Jes extender was designed based on the medical science known as “traction” to increase the size of any man’s penis. It has been endorsed by medical professionals around the world. The Jes extender works on both circumcised, and un-circumcised penises up to 9” long. The Jes extender has also been shown to straighten out Peyronie’s Disease, an unnatural curving of the penis. Join the over half a million happy customers who have purchased a Jes extending device.

When you buy our Jes Extender Original Standard Penis Enlarger Kit you will receive:

- One, stylish mahogany case.
- One, Basel unit dual function front piece silicon tube.
- One, comfort strap.
- Four, 2 inch/5 cm elongation bars.
- Two, 1 inch/25 cm elongation bars
- One, Protection pad
- Set of keys to adjust elongation bars
- Instructional DVD
- 2 year warranty

*Please note this product is suitable for penis sizes up to 24cm (9.1 inches).


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