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Man Squeeze ULTRASKYN Ass Stroker - JJ Knight

Man Squeeze ULTRASKYN Ass Stroker - JJ Knight

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Are you ready to feel the southern heat?

Introducing JJ Knight's Man Squeeze, the newest addition to the Man Squeeze lineup. This bad boy is molded directly from JJ's famous booty, and boy oh boy is it a treat!

  • Variable pressure for customized sensations
  • Made from ULTRASKYN for a realistic feel
  • Different internal textures for a unique experience
  • User-controlled squeeze plate
  • Double-cap hardshell design doubles as discreet travel and storage case

So, what are you waiting for, hunty? Get ready to experience the best of Memphis in the palm of your hand with JJ Knight's Man Squeeze. It's the perfect way to spice up your alone time or to add some excitement to your next play date. Don't be shy, give JJ's booty a squeeze. Order yours today!

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