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Master Series Dark Inflator Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug

Master Series Dark Inflator Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug

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Ultimate Erotic Stretching

Pleasure your hole with the Master Series Dark Inflator Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug. The taper design makes for easy insertion before you expand this toy inside your hole up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Fill your hole and experience your stretched hole fantasy.

Take your time and explore your hole’s limits, being pried open and intensely filled is insanely pleasurable and easy with this plug. Go from a firm filled feeling to your maximum with ease thanks to the hand pump. If you’re overwhelmed with sensation the quick release valve quickly lowers the pressure, making retrieval easy.

Tease your hole for hours by releasing air and expanding again to really give your hole an intense stretching session. The silicone overs ultra-slick penetration with just drops of lube. Cleanup is easy with just soap and water. Enjoy intense stretching pleasure with this inflatable plug.

  • Expands up to 2.5 in. ( 6.35 cm )
  • Insertable Length: 3.5 in. ( 8.89 cm )
  • Total Length: 4.5 in ( 11.43 cm )
  • Deflated Diameter: 1.4 in. ( 3.56 cm )
  • 20 in ( 50.8 cm ) Long Air Tubing
  • Silicone

Expand your hole solo or with a partner with the Dark Inflator inflatable butt plug.

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