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Master Series Flame Drippers Candle Set - Multi Color

Master Series Flame Drippers Candle Set - Multi Color

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Candle play done right.

If there’s something that instantly kills the mood is one of your toys—or tools—not performing the way you expect them to. Candle play is particularly susceptible to this—regular candles come in all shapes and forms, and most of them are not ideal for candle play.

This set features three candles that are made specifically for candle play. That means that they are lightly scented—instead of having a strong and invasive aroma—and that the wax has a lower melting point than regular candles. This melts them faster and helps for easier dripping!

They also have the perfect diameter and overall size. You can easily handle them without the constant fear of burning your fingers or dripping wax on yourself instead of on your sub.

  • Lightly scented
  • Low wax melting point
  • Three-piece set

Convenient, BDSM-oriented candles to make candle play easier and more fun for everyone involved.

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