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Master Series Subdued Full Body Strap Set

Master Series Subdued Full Body Strap Set

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A complete strap set for complete captivity. Strong buckles ensure your plaything stays in place

Your plaything will be fully Subdued with seven thick straps. From shoulders to ankles, the adjustable buckles ensure everything will be perfectly tight. No complex rigs or knots are required for this complete set. Use them all or immobilize your partner strategically with only a few.

Combine these straps with any other bondage equipment that pleases you. The buckles can be cinched incredibly tight, without pinching. They can be quickly released with a squeeze of your fingers. The nylon is flexible but still sturdy against the skin.

Seven different sizes means you always have the perfect length. The straps can be combined together by the buckles if you have the pleasure to bind multiple men at a time!

  • Immobilization from shoulders to ankles
  • Seven thick nylon straps
  • Strong ABS plastic buckles
  • Length: 1 42.5 inches, 1.5 inches thick

This classic set of restraints is simple and versatile. Small and tight enough for the smallest twinks, expandable and combinable for even the largest bears. The quick-release buckles mean you can go a little tighter than you might with rope and knots.

You can use only one or two for the wrists or ankles. You can bind every part of his body with all of them. Combine them with other bondage toys for even more fun. These straps will be sure to Subdue your plaything.

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