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Oxballs Cocksheath Adjustfit Inserts - Pack of 3 Clear

Oxballs Cocksheath Adjustfit Inserts - Pack of 3 Clear

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Tighter fit, tighter feel

Not everyone can pull off a loose fit. And when it comes to sex toys, it’s not always a good idea—or even comfortable. Cocksheaths in particular can be a little unsatisfying for the one who’s wearing it when the fit isn’t quite right.

Depriving the tip of your penis of full sensation—the area where you’re naturally more sensitive—is always going to result in an unsatisfying, disappointing experience. This is not all that uncommon with cocksheats—not everyone's the same and not all of them fit snuggly.

Which is why cocksheath inserts are a thing. And they are absolutely genius! These Oxball’s Adjustfit Inserts are specifically designed for Oxballs cocksheaths, but they can be used for any other brand. You can use one or all three for a super-tight fit and a much more sensory cocksheath experience.

  • 3 units
  • 22mm each
  • Clear-colored
  • Fits any cocksheath

These three clear-colored, small inserts help you get a better fit on any cocksheath.

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