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Oxballs Humpballs Cockring

Oxballs Humpballs Cockring

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Oxballs Humpballs Cockring Is Blubberier Looks Hot As Hell While Wrapped Tightly Around Your Veiny Swollen Dong.

  • Made from super soft SKINFLEX-TPR
  • Softer, squishier and more durable
  • Non-toxic and phthalate free

This thick jelly ring is crafted with lovers of heftier juck in mind. It will bloat your meat and pushes your testicles up and out for a heftier package. It will give you a tight grip that gives you the required amount of squeeze that will give you maximum stimulation and is also comfortable enough to allow prolonged butt banging sessions or masturbations. The one amazing feature of this ring that make its stand out from other rings is the fact that it is stronger, resilient and thicker to give your nuts a hold of a life time.

Oxballs Humpballs Cockring is designed to give you the most out of your play since it's available at an affordable rate. This ring does not roll or tug on your pubes and is made of super soft SkinFlex-TPR allowing you to comfortably wear it for extended periods.

If you looking for the perfect toy for outstanding nut stretching then this humpballs will work great for you. You only need to stack them on your sack and witness how low your testicles can hang as you bang your boy’s brain off. You can choose to wrap this delicious ring around your veiny swollen penis or on your beefy testicles; whoever way you choose they will definitely make you feel great and your boy will definitely love every minute you wearing it.

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