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Ride Rocco Water Based Lube

Ride Rocco Water Based Lube

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Are Your Ready for Him

Treat your hole to the best water-based lube with Ride Rocco’s Water Based formula. This super-slick water-based lubricant has a few tricks up its sleeve, it’s been infused with natural seaweed extracts of Carrageenan Nori and Wakame. These unique extracts give Rocco’s lube that extra wet feeling. You’ll feel like you’re well lubed for hours of play.

Rocco has your front and backside covered, whether you’re going to take some big cocked stud later, or that stud is you. This lube won’t become sticky or dry up quickly, thanks to its long-lasting formula. A little bit of water or saliva will slick you up again.

This special formula is super easy to clean up once you’ve reached climax. Simply wipe away with a towel, yea it’s that easy. It’ll make those leg-shaking sessions easier to handle and quick hookups that much quicker.

  • Water-Based Lube
  • Toy & Partner Friendly
  • Long-Lasting

Prepare your hole or cock for a long fuck session with this top-quality lube.

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