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Satisfyer Men Classic

Satisfyer Men Classic

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Satisfy Your Every Need

Another instant classic from Satifyer, the Men Classic looks cool and modern, but has a naughty secret. Enjoy the erotic stimulation from this fantastic stroker. Lightweight for prolonged use and easy travel, this is a great addition to your masturbation routine.

satisfier classic

The internal design wraps itself around your throbbing cock. You have complete control over the level of pleasure you’ll receive from this bad boy. You’ll climax in no time at all with your new and improved stroke game. You’re not ready for this toy to arrive on your doorstep.

Great alone or with a partner, this male masturbator takes all the effort out of masturbation. Sit back and enjoy each sweet and luxurious stroke. Use it while riding his cock for an explosive release, you could both breed this toy like another pig in the bedroom, no judgement.

  • Modern Design
  • Removable Inner Sleeve for Easy Cleaning
  • Black and Grey
  • Adjustable Pleasure

Step your stroke game up with this male masturbater, what are you waiting for?

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